$1,000 Dollar Thursday – Our Live Webinar Picks Perform Again!

Wheeee, what fun!  

Another day, another 10 points closer to 2,100 on the S&P and, during yesterday's Live Trading Webinar (replays available at our YouTube channel) we shorted the Nikkei (/NKD) Futures at the 17,000 line and that trade alone was good for $1,000 per contract as we hit our 16,800 goal overnight.  We didn't wait for the overnights, however as we had a live $525 gain on /NKD along with another $580 on our Natural Gas (/NG) Futures longs and making over $1,000 in a 2-hour webinar (plus another $110 on the Dow shorts) was plenty to lock in at the time.  

Not being able to trade the futures is like not having a hammer in your toolbox.  Sure, you can get by using your other tools to hammer things in when the need arises but isn't it better to learn how to use a hammer so that, any time something needs to be nailed – you have the proper tool.  As I said two weeks ago, when we made $683.50 in 10 minutes while teaching Members how to trade the Futures:

If you want to get an idea of the techniques we teach our Members at Philstockworld, you can check out the replay here - unless, of course, you already make more than a $4,000 hourly rate – then we have nothing to teach you.

Today we are shorting oil (/CL) IFF (if and only if) it crosses back below the $50 line and we will have tight stops over the line.  $50 is a good point of resistance and the main reason oil is high is because the Dollar is down 0.3% this morning and, of course, because it's a holiday weekend and they are trying to screw you at the pump.  In fact, we're also playing gasoline (/RB) over the $1.65 line, also with very tight stops.

The key to Futures trading is finding a good support/restistance line where you can set tight stops where the risk significantly outweighs the reward.  Gasoline contracts pay $420 per penny and we were over $1.67 on Tuesday so we…
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