2020 Vision – Looking at the Year Ahead in the Markets

This is the weekend post.

We have successfully concluded our trip to Bangkok with a signing ceromony this afternoon (3am, your time) that has put Hemp Boca, New Age and PSW Investments to partner with Bienestar to bring CBD products to Thailand for the first time.  It's a massive opportunity and we're all very exhausted and my plane leaves very soon so I'm going to be brief here and we'll add to this post over the weekend but, for now, it will have to serve as Thursday and Friday's Report – as I will be spending the next 29 hours flying home from the other side of the World

As you can see from the chart above, the S&P 500 (/ES) has blasted back to 3,250 since Tuesday's close and I'd sure be shorting that as there's no news supporting it and the volume is ridiculously low so it's very simple to short that line with tight stops above and see if it gets a bit of a rejection – probably back to 3,240, at least, which would be good for a quick $500 profit to start your year off right.

On Tuessay, I said I liked Oil (/CL) long at $61 with the unrest in Iraq and Iran and gosh, that was a very quick $750 (at $61.75) on two runs up and now again we have a chance to go long at that line.  We also had a USO options spread for those of you who are Futures-challenged but we didn't get the fill we wanted (as the dip didn't last long enough) – so no trade there though you could just pick up the long USO Jan $12.50 calls for 0.40 and wait to sell the Jan $13s for 0.20 and accomplish a very similar spread.  

Natural Gas (/NG) is also a fun long now at $2.16 because, though it isn't cold in the US – it's very cold in other parts of the World and traders have not yet taken into account the globalization of the Natural Gas supplies. 

Oops, that's the opening bell so I'd better head to the airport…

Have a great weekend, 

- Phil