$21,000 Thursday – President Trump Makes Our Profits Great Again!


That's how much yesterday's 5 futures plays gained in less than 24 hours – thank you President Trump!  And your welcome to all our appreciative readers who are learning to love the new administration by cashing in on their policies – we look forward to a wild 4 years and then the usual 8 years the Democrats will spend trying to fix all the damage.  But that's in the Future – yesterday, right in the morning post, I said to you:

Well, I may have sold my Futures too soon but we have great lines for re-entering longs at 18,000 on /YM, 2,100 on /ES, 4,700 on /NQ, 1,175 on /TF and 16,800 on /NKD.   Tight stops below, of course and you can even use them as shorting lines if you need them (with tight stops above) but, as noted earlier – it was an overreaction.

We went pretty much straight up off those lines.  You can see the S&P (/ES) on the charts above and here's the Russell (/TF), which gave us the best bang for the buck, picking up $7,500 per contract as it tested 1,250 this morning.  Our other winners were the Dow (/YM) at 18,650 – a $3,250 per contract gain, Nasdaq (/NQ) at 4,875 – up $3,500 per contract and the Nikkei (/NKD) hit 17,550 – up $3,750 per contract so our 5 index calls, which we sent as an Alert to our Members at 4:58 am, gained a total of $21,000 – and that is over and above what we made playing the night before on the massive sell-off, when we first decided President Trump would not be so terrible. 

This is why we teach our Members how to play the Futures as well as how to use options to enhance their portfolio returns – sometimes things happen after hours that you can take amazing advantage of and, with President Trump – we look forward to LOTS of those things happening on a regular basis!  Image result for trump emoji
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