$2,500 Thursday – Our Trade Ideas Pay Off HUGE!

See, I told you how easy it is:

In yesterday's morning post (which our Members have access to pre-market) I told you that tomorrow (today) I would tell you how much money our Futures shorts made and that most of you would say "why do I never catch these great trade ideas."  Our three Futures shorts did, in fact, make $2,500 PER CONTRACT as a group and even this morning, just in case you missed yesterday, I put out another alert to our Members AND tweeted it out for free – to short the Russell (/TF) Futures again at 1,200 ahead of the ECB decision.  

This isn't complicated folks – this is what we teach you how to do if you want to take control of your financial future.  Yesterday was the 11th time the S&P had been rejected at 2,100 and this morning we saw more weakness but the S&P didn't get back to 2,100 but the Russell was back to 1,200, where we shorted it yesterday – so we shorted it again this morning – but we're taking the quick $500-1,000 off the table today as we expect the real meat of the ECBs decision to come in their 8:30 press conference so this morning's trade was much shorter-term.  

We don't give away free trade ideas during earnings months but yesterday I thought everyone could use a nice holiday boost so we gave you all a very easy one.  I would say don't be afraid of Futures trading but I'd hate for you to get the wrong idea – you should be VERY AFRAID of Futures trading because it's a very powerful tool but not having it in your trading toolbox is like not having power tools if you are carpenter – you might get the job done but it will take 5 times longer and you'll exhaust yourself for no good reason.  

The key to our success in Futures trading is that we do not trade the futures all that often.  We only trade the Futures when our FUNDAMENTAL analysis indicated they are mispriced and when we feel the trade is very obvious.  Even then, we only have a 60-70% winning percentage but, combine that with position management

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