3,054 Thursday – US Hits Record-High Deaths, Europe Increases Stimulus

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And even more for us as 3,000 less Americans get to share it with us every day.  In 365 days, that would be over 1M people dead – assuming we stay at "just" 3,000 deaths per day, of course.  That's not very likely though as Trump's own Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr Deborah Birx, is now warning us that the upcoming December surge in COVID-19 cases will be the "worst public health event" that the country will ever face.   "This fall/winter surge is combining everything that we saw in the spring with everything we saw in the summer - plus the fall surge going into a winter surge," said Birx.

Experts who spoke to Salon also emphasized that the public health crisis is not some distant future event; it is already upon us.

"They [hospitals] are overwhelmed already," Dr. Alfred Sommer, dean emeritus and professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, wrote to Salon. "Many are not just near the breaking point in physical capacity, but what is too often overlooked, their staff are exhausted, physically and emotionally, with no let-up in sight."

History's deadliest pandemics: Plague, smallpox, flu, covid-19 - Washington  Post"Respiratory disease always get worse in the fall and winter," Benjamin wrote to Salon. "So this natural increase plus the lack of aggressive use of masks, social distancing and closures of large events will make this outbreak worse. Influenza during this time will also make it worse unless people get their flu shots.  We just came off Thanksgiving when far too many people travelled and congregated, spreading this highly infectious disease; and Christmas is coming up, when even more people who are infectious will be congregating with family and friends and spreading it further."

Sommer also noted that winter is helpful to the virus' need to spread, as people are "getting closer together indoors," while dry air "helps to 'preserve' the virus in the air and surfaces longer."  Sommer lamented that so many Americans shirk public health advice, such as mask-wearing and avoiding congregating in…
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