$3,300 Thursday – Our Futures Trades Pay for Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  

For those of you lucky enough to join our Live Trading Webinar yesterday (and apologies to Seeking  Alpha readers who were invited but the editors decided not to publish the post due to the "philosophical and social nature, with the investing information secondary"), we came right out of the box with a short play on the Russell Futures (/TF) above the 1,380 line and, during our session, we were able to close the play with a $3,345 gain – in less than two hours!  

Be sure to send thank you notes to the SA Editors, who protected you from this very terrible PSW Pre-Market Report, where we also gave you the reasons we didn't think the Dow would make 20,000 (it didn't).  We only do one free Webinar per month and you blew it, better luck in January but it's completely random whether or not your invitations will be intercepted by editors.  

For those of you who think making $3,345 in two hours is fun (and we also made $3,850 on our Oil Futures (/CL) shorts, but that trade was from our Live Member Chat Room at 10:34 am), we do have a low-cost PSW Report Membership that delivers these posts to you every day – WITHOUT CENSORSHIP – before the market opens.  You get full access to our morning trade ideas and even the ability to view our Basic Chat Room archives that are 7-30 days old – a great way to get an idea of what goes on inside PSW.  

Just those two trades paid for 8 years of Report Memberships – not bad for a day's work!  

Unlike yesterday, today we are expecting the Dow to get pushed to the 20,000 mark as it's the last chance to make the print before Christmas and they need you to be convincing when you tell Uncle Joe to break into his retirement lock-box and put it into this overbought market.  I wouldn't be surprised if our beloved new President doesn't suggest the same with Social Security – there's a few Trillion Dollars they can give right to the Banksters – what could possibly
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