BREXIT – Can the UK Escape the Clutches of Goldman Sachs?

The MSM isn't allowed to frame it this way, but these are the battle lines.  

What's really going on in the EU is what's going on all over the World but, so far, only the UK has woken up from the stupor induced by the shock of the Financial Crisis, which was caused by out of control Banksters, to realize that their economy is being drained for the benefit of the same Banksters that caused the crisis in the first place.  

Unfortunately for Great Britain, the Fox (news) is guarding the henhouse as their Central Bank is now run by 13-year Goldman Sachs veteran Mark Carney, whose previous posts were in South Africa and Russia as those countries went through massive upheaval (end of Apartheid and collapse of the Soviet Union).  He left that high-paying job in 2004 to go work for Canada's Finance Ministry, working his way up with lightning speed to become it's Governor and then Governor of the Bank of England.  

Both Carney and fellow GS alumni, Mario Draghi are saying it will be a catastrophe for the UK to leave the European Union but the UK has been around for well over 1,000 years and it's been in the EU for 23 years and they didn't even use the Euro until 10 years ago – so the people there have a slightly different perspective on things.  The UK simply wants to opt out of policies of economic madness that, as you can see from the above chart is being fueled by a cadre of ex-Goldman employees who now run most of the national banks of Europe – including the ECB itself.  Don't worry, they don't own Yellen -  but they don't need to – they own everyone else, including the Bankster they ran for President in the last election:

That's $13Tn, in case you are keeping score.  $13Tn that the US (on your behalf) has borrowed in order to make sure the banking industry stays profitable.  Now, the banks would like you to believe that their solvency was at issue but the FDIC insurance covers $250,000 per account and $13Tn would have covered 52M $250,000 accounts so it would have been TRILLIONS cheaper to let the bad banks fail.  

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