End of Quarter Window-Dressing

It's time to prop up those indexes and paint a pretty picture!  

As you can see in AfraidToTrade's S&P chart, we burst back over our 2,360 line on the S&P and now we just need to get back over the yellow zone and it's on to all-time highs and, dare we dream, multilple of 25 times forward earnings on our stocks?  

It's very exciting, usually only bond holders accept 4% on their money because bonds are supposed to be a safe, risk-free asset so investors are willing to accept a lower return in exchange for safety.  Now stocks are only returning 4% on our money and people seem fine with that and a 10-year note pays 2% and your checking account pays 0.2% – if you are lucky.

The gist of that is that the money you make, that you work hard for, is not rewarded when you either save or invest it. That then forces you to give your money, VERY CHEAPLY, to the Top 1% – to the Banksters (savings, checking) and the CEOs (stocks, bonds, labor).

You work hard, they pay you less and then, when you want to save or invest your pay – they pay you less again – and then they blame YOU for not working hard enough to get through life without Government handouts (ie. taxing them).  You would think this Administration would be making that shockingly clear to voters by now but CNN did an amazing interview with 6 Trump voters and, after two months, all but one gave him an "A" for performance and the guy that gave him a "B" said he simply never gives As or he would have.  

The problem with the pyramid above is that our Top 20% are now so rich that there's nothing left to take from the bottom 80%.  Once they finish taking your Social Security and Medicare money – there won't be anything left to take (other than jobs through automation, of course) but, before they leave you destitute, they have to first dismantle the Social Safety Net, lest someone points out that it is their duty to feed or educate starving children or some other Liberal nonsense.  

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