Fabulous Friday Finish – Trump Saves the Day?

Image result for trump trade deal cartoonThat's right, we're now expecting Trump to fix everything.  

Well, at least fix trade and the markets are up another 1% this morning, now having recovered the vast majority of last week's drop in aniticipation of a Trade Deal with China (which is not going to happen) and Fed Rate Cuts (which certainly won't happen if we get a Trade Deal with China) and, of course, because the Global Economy is great and can only get better so why worry about paying all-time highs for stocks who are literally warning you that Q4 will have some "challenges"?

Of course, we're still in a situation where there's really nothing else to do with your money other than put it in US Equities.  Bonds take your money, Banks take your money, Real Estate is still dicey, Bitcoin is hardly even a thing anymore, Oil has been decaying – not much left other than equities so we hold our noses and invest.  Well, WE don't – we cashed out last month but that is what people seem to be doing.  We're going to wait to see this round of earnings reports and guidance before we give our beautiful CASH!!! back to the markets. 

Yesterday, President Trump said day one of the Trade Talks went very well and, since we know Donald's a man of his word, the Futures have kicked into over-drive.  The meeting Trump has with China's Vice Premier, Liu He, are not until 2:45 this afternoon so it seems impossible that an actual deal could be accomplished by the market close at 4pm so we'll go into the weekend without knowing for sure and it all could reverse before trading resumes on Monday – not the best premise I've ever heard – that's for sure!  

If there is a trade deal, and even if there's not, we like Freeport-McMoRan down at $9 as they should rebound nicely if there is a trade deal and, even if there isn't, it's still a nice "buy and hold" over the long run. 

Since we actually do want to own it for the long-term, we can add it to our Short-Term Portfolio for now and move it to

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