Failing Thursday – Comey Testifies, ECB Goes Neutral and Oil Collapses

Image result for trump godfatherWhat to talk about first?  

We already got the text of Comey's opening statement, which sounds like a meeting out of the Godfather – you're not going to nail Trump on what he said – he's had too much practice at that.  Trump even told Comey he wasn't stupid enough to get his hookers in Russia because he assumed he was being filmed at all times.  Trump has always been known for his skill at avoiding prosecution – he's not going to slip up now.  

What matters is actions and the question is, did the President's actions amount to obstruction of justice and did Jeff Sessions engage in a conspiracy to obstruct justice when he ignored the request by the FBI Director (Comey) to prevent any further contact between the President and Comey?  Comey literally said "please don't leave me a lone with that man"!  Since Comey was already concerned about being influenced and Sessions and Trump continued with the harassment (same rules as sexual), did they create a hostile work environment for Comey leading to his improper firing?  

This will obviously go on for a while and all this is a distraction from the real investigation as to how deeply Team Trump was tied to Team Putin during the elections.  "Not at all" is already off the table so now it's a matter of sorting through all the BS and finding out what the real connections were and all THAT is a distraction from the fact that yes, Russia did indeed mess around with a US election – that's getting a pass while we sort all the rest out.  

Speaking of passes, I'm not giving one to Sessions and neither is Samantha Bee, who came out strongly against his renewed war on drugs in last night's show and made many excellent points:

Part 3 (click here) is a great example of the difference between what happens to you when you are white/rich and arrested vs what happens to you when you are poor/black and arrested and THAT is why the War on Drugs is actually a War on the Poor.  Of course the entire Administration's agenda is essentially
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