Faltering Friday – Failure at Dow 30,000

Anoher day another 3,000 deaths.

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnel and the Republican Bastards in Congress postponed the vote on a simple one-week stop-gap bill to keep the Government running past December 11th – which is today.  If they don't get back to the table, Federal Agencies shut down and Federal workers get furloghed including agencies that are critical front-line defenses in fighting the pandemic.  Tens of thousands of additional lives could be lost if the Repbulicans get their way today.

Mostly it's the Senate – only 67 hard-line Republican Representatives voted against the measure vs 343 reasonable people who voted for it but the Senate is a different animal altoghether – full of wealthy, entitled White Men whose families don't suffer the consequences of contracting Covid-19 because they go to the best hospitals and get the best treatment – so what do they care if they condemn tens of thousands of American Citizens to death?  Like President Trump – they are immune.  

The chart above, of the deadliest days in US history, is already out of date with 3,055 people dying on Wednesday and another 2,974 yesterday and the daily death rate is now tracking towards 4,000 per day over the next few weeks (merry Christmas!) and may get worse than that if people insist on migling on Christmas the way they did on Thanksgiving.  

1,800 people a day die of heart disease in America on an average day and 1,640 die of cancer so Covid-19 is now the leading cause of death in America.  Not in the world – just in America, where 4 times more people die per population than the even the next 9 worst nations in the World.  That's the real tragedy, this is a preventable tragedy – every single day something could be done to reverse these numbers and every single day nothing is done by Trump and the GOP – NOTHING!!!

German magazine Stern doesn't hold back with their anti-Trump cover | Metro  NewsIt's the lack of outrage that I find outrageous.  

Adolf Hitler was the leading cause of death for Jews from 1939-1945 yet 6M divided by 365 divided by 6 years = "only" 2,739 deaths per day.  Trump's negligence is killing

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