Fed Fun Friday – Powell Seeks to Save the Market (again)

Related imageMore free money!  

Whenever the market begins to dip, the Fed jumps into the fray to prop things up.  That, of course, is not what the Fed is supposed to do – but they have morphed their mission into propping up the markets since the Banksters (which is who the Fed really works for) simply make more money in a bullish market – and these guys REALLY like money.  They like money so much, they are even helping Donald Trump keep his Presidency.  

Why?  Because it it's not Trump in 2021 it's very likely to be Elizabeth Warren and she is one of the few people in Congress who actually understands the banking system – not as an abstract – but with a Harvard Law Professor's understanding of every little line they put into their 20-page contracts and she can clearly see how and where the money is flowing.  You can't trick Elizabeth Warren and, for a profession that only exists to get people to part with their money – that's a bad, bad thing.

A Warren Presidency will cost banks BILLIONS in profits and it's likely to be no picnic for the Fossil Fuel Industry or Big Pharma either.  That's why Donald Trump pulled in $125M in donations last quarter – the "Never Warren" wing of the Republican Party has vey deep pockets indeed.  Those same donors are backing all the GOP Senators and Representatives too so don't get too deep in your liberal fantasies that 20 GOP Senators will walk away from their base AND their money in order to do the right thing and impeach Trump – it's very unlikely. 

Image result for pocahontasEither way though, the Democrats win as Trump staying on despite being obviously guilty is very likely to cause enough GOP Senators to lose their jobs to give the Democrats a majority in both houses and Trump is very unlikely to beat Warren in the General Election.  So far, the only dirt Trump could dig up on Warren after 4 years of trying is that she claimed to be part Native American (and it is but a very small part), calling her "Pocahontas", which any
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