Free Money Thursday – BOE Buys the Bulls Another Day for $79Bn

"Whatever it takes."

That's what Goldman Stooge (yes, it's an official position, so we capitalize) Mark Carney says he is willing to do to get investors to ignore the fact that the Bank of England had to severely reduce their outlook for 2017 GDP, from 2.3% to 0.8% while, at the same time stating that: "recent surveys of business activity, confidence and optimism suggest that the United (for now) Kingdom is likely to see little growth in GDP in the second half of this year."  

Today's move drops the UK's benchmark rate to 0.25%, half of what it's been for the last 7 years and Carney left the door open for even more easing – though not too much, apparently:

“I’m not a fan of negative interest rates,” says Carney. “We have other options to provide more stimulus if needed.”

“We see the effective lower bound as a positive number, close to zero, but a positive number.”

A positive number – but clearly not a positive whole number – that ship has sailed long ago!  The FSTE jumped 1.5% on news that their economy will be right on the edge of recession next year but, of course, that's because the BOE is now pumping $50Bn PER MONTH into the $2.6Tn economy, which would be like our Fed tossing $380Bn/month onto the fire.  That is a staggering amount of QE funneled through the banks by Goldman Sach's former Executive Director – just a coincidence, I'm sure.  

Speaking of Goldman Sachs getting caught using their connections to manipulate the market – the firm was ordered to pay $36.3M to settle a case after they hired a Fed employee and used confidential information he provided to bring in clients to access their access.  This went on for 2 years and involved Billions of Dollars worth of transactions and, in response to the $36M penalty, a GS spokesman said "Ow, my wrist!"  

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