Friday Market Follies – There Ain’t No Way Out

"I lose so many nights of sleep worrying about my responsibilities
Are the problems that screw me up really down to him or me
Dish me out another tailor-made compliment
Tell me about some destiny I can't prevent
And however much I squirm
There ain't no way out" – Townshend

Women our age (45-64 – and I like being in the low end of a demographic) are killing themselves 63% more often than they did before the bust and we men are not too far behind with a 44% bump in bumping ourselves off (and we do it 3 times more often anyway).  Even worse for my demographic, white men are killing themselves 59% more often and white women an astonishing 80% more often.  Men mostly shoot themselves (we luvs our guns!) and women prefer to take poison.  40% of all suicides were due to "external economic factors."  

As a serial entreprenuer, I am generally an optimistic person.   I started a dating service in college (Personality Plus - early 80s), worked for others for a while but, at 25, I realized I would never be a millionaire at 35 working for other people so I started my own company (Accu-Search – real estate data) and hit my goal in less than 10 years.  After I sold that company in 2004 and "retired," knocking about as an M&A and consultant.  I got bored and started this company (now called PSW Investments) in 2006 and now, 10 years later – also worth millions.  

I'm not saying this to brag but I'm saying this to anyone who is worried about their future financial situation – you can completely turn your life around in 10 years if you work hard at it.  Don't despair over money – do something about it.  Take control of your finances and start feeling better about your life.  PSW Investments funds start-ups, so I'm always meeting people with great ideas who remind me of me when I was 25 and it also reminds me that, at 53, I've got as many good years ahead of me as the people I'm mentoring do between now and when they are…
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