Groundhog Day – I Woke Up and Trump Was Still President!

Image result for groundhog day animated gifWhen will the madness end?

In the great, great movie, Groundhog Day, Bill Murray wakes up every day and, to his dismay, finds it's the same day as yesterday.  No matter what he does, he is trapped in a loop, living the same day over and over again.  This is how I feel when I wake up and read President Trump's latest tweets – I cannot believe this guy is really the President of the United States of America – certainly not the one they taught us about in history class.  Well, since 1863, anyway

Since yesterday, Donald J Trump has threatened UC Berkeley with cutting off federal funds, put Iran "ON NOTICE" and gotten into an argument with the President of Australia over immigrants – just another day in Trupmerica.  Not surprisingly, the markets are down again but gold is doing very well and oil got a pop with all the war talk with Iran and, of course, Exxon's (XOM) Rex Tillerson being sworn in as Secretary of State – just a heartbeat away from the Presidency (it would be Pence, but he has no heart). 

Image result for america oil company armyImagine if Rex Tillerson becomes President?  America will become exactly what we've been accused of being for all these years – since we first started toppling Governments in Iran and putting in our puppets so many years ago.  Ah, good times!  

America is indeed an oil company with an army and Trump's Secretary of State, the man who negotiates our trade and makes all those sensitive deals around the World, has worked for Exxon since 1975 and ran the company since 2006, when oil ran up to $140 a barrel and gasoline was approaching $5/gallon, which is $210 a barrel – but that's a different story of greed and corruption.

Well, since I mentioned it – consider the fact that a barrel of oil now costs $54 and a gallon of gasoline (there's 42 gallons per barrel) costs $1.57, which is $65.94 so the mark-up from oil to gas is 22% but, more importantly, it's $11.94 – that's the cost of refining the oil into gasoline.  When the price of oil
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