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  1. Great Trade Ideas – This is no idle boast. Phil Davis and Optrader provide actionable trade ideas every day of the week.
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  3. LIVE Weekly Webinars – Phil Davis hosts a LIVE Trading Webinar for our Members every week (Tuesday 1 pm EST) Archives and replays are available.
  4. Market Overviews – Get our daily outlook, before and after the bell, often with trade ideas, notes on key indicators, and market analyses. Phil provides market levels that will help you decide when to enter and exit trades, and winning strategies for both short and long-term investors.
  5. Our Impressive Trading Community – Some of the brightest minds in the market come talk to us! Every trading day, our members swap ideas, advice, and post trades of their own. Phil responds to questions and ideas in real time. No other newsletter service gives its members this level of access and interactivity.
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  7. Portfolio & Cash Management Ideas – Good money management is key. We discuss strategies for those who want to take a longer or less volatile approach to their trading and we keep 4 virtual portfolios for our Members to learn from.  For example, we love to use calendar spreads and income-producing hedging strategies in our famous Butterfly Portfolio.
  8. Research – We publish periodic, in-depth reports on industry trends, specific companies and macroeconomic factors that influence our trading.
  9. Education – Are you new to options, or do you need some advanced strategies to jumpstart your trading? Our education section features an excellent options guide called Secrets to Explosive Stock Market Profits, as well as weekly educational posts and videos. Read Section 1 of our options guide for free: click here to download.
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