Labor Day is Over, Postpartum Depression Sets In

Image result for north korea hydrogen bombNow what?

We made it through the Holiday that marks the end of the Summer of Trump (like the Summer of Love, but with a lot more Hate) and now we are stuck with the baby World we've made and it just spit up a hydrogen bomb.  Daddy Trump promised "fire and fury the likes of which the World has never seen" if baby NoKo simply fired another missile, which they did over Japan last week but the weekend's HBomb was a move to a whole new level of telling Trump to F off. 

Now Mr. Trump has to either put up or shut up but, of course, no one actually believes a word he says (including, obviously, Kim Jong Il), which makes him sort of totally ineffective as a figure of authority in this situation.  That's the downside of constantly lying, I suppose, people don't believe you when it matters the most.

Of course, the President probably didn't read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" as it's a book, with words and stuff – so how could he possibly know that losing all credibility might come back to bite him in the ass one day?  After all the bluster about what he WOULD do if North Korea crossed the line they just leap-frogged over, all the Trump Administration has actually done as the Doomsday Clock ticks forward is to call for more sanctions – and China won't even let them do that!