Meaningless Monday – Making America Great Again

Monday again?

Come on people, let's lobby our useless Congress to make all Monday's National Holidays.  A 4-day work-week would also make sense.  If we stopped people from using Social Media at work, they'd be able to accomplish everything in 2 days anyway.  According to the chart on the right, 10% of our workforce spends more time on the web than they do working.  

Only 60% admit they visit Social Media sites during work and sure, 30% of those people are old – so maybe they really didn't but it's not just Social Media, of course.  Finding a place to eat counts too, or planning a trip or reading non-work stuff.  Work is, on the whole, a strange thing because most people can take a vacation for a whole week and the company is just fine without them, right?  

"Gig Economy" workers don't get paid when they take time off and that gives Gig Employers a 2% advantage over their rivals right out of the gate.  A complete lack of benefit payments adds another 6% advantage and then there's the fact that the employees don't get paid at all for time they are not being productive – let's call that 22% to round it out to a 30% advantage Gig Employers have over traditional employers.  

Over 6% of our labor force is now "Gig" or pretty much 100% of the "jobs" that have been created since the crash of 2008.  These are not, generally, great jobs.  They are certainly not the kind of jobs that let you dream of a sweet retirement and that is why you have a jobs recovery without a recovery in the underlying economy and without any real growth in Consumer Spending or Housing.  If we had a booming slave economy, you wouldn't be surprised that the slaves aren't running out and buying new homes or couches and washing machines yet the idea of wage slavery is too abstract for most Americans to understand – especially us older ones, who used to be able to afford an apartment in college with our minimum wage jobs. 

That's simply not true anymore.  If like me, you got
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