Monday Madness – Obamacare Repeal Disaster for States

Image result for gop healthcare planLosing Obamacare is going to be expensive.

Now that the GOP has a plan on the table to take away health care from over 10M Americans (killing aprroximately 25,000 of them per year in the largest mass-murder in US history), it's finally dawning on the State Governors, even the GOP Governors, how much this will impact their bottom lines.  Aside from tripling the rates that will be paid by low-income Americans, the GOP plan shifts over $100Bn of spending back to the states who, in turn, are forced to pass it on as more taxes to low-income Americans since state taxes are not generally progressive the way Federal Taxes are.  

No matter how obvious this is to people who understand math and believe in facts, there are still plenty of deplorables out there who simply don't care how many people die or how awful the replacement plan is – it's still going to be pushed through.  Aside from slashing Social Security Benefits, cutting Medicaid is the best way to free up money for tax cuts for the rich as well as taking our military budget to new records:

Those are the numbers from the GOP's presentation to the Governors.  They presented it as a fat turkey that can be carved up and doled out to contributors who play ball with the GOP in the form of tax breaks, military contracts, stimulus spending, etc.  Just take that funding away from the 72M who need it and you can have Billions to play with!  

For the typical individual, who is currently paying for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the cost of the GOP pan is anything but affordable.  

The price of the plan doesn't change but the Government removes 80% of the subsidy that made the act affordable in the first place.  This causes a 300% increase in monthly payments.  As noted in the footnote, these are OPTIMISTIC assumptions as the GOP plan also increases the amount that insurers can charge older adults by 66%, paving the way for MASSIVE additional increases.

Here's a replay of the GOP's official announcement.

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