Monday Market Mayhem – Hillary and the Markets are Exhonerated

What a difference a day makes.

Or a weekend, in ths case as Donald Trump and the GOP went into the weekend thinking they had a chance of winning the White House until, last night, FBI director Comey (the hero of the GOP, the stand-up guy who speaks the truth and isn't afraid to take on the Clintons…) sent ANOTHER letter to Congress but this one was not as helpful as the last (as annotated by @JuddLegum).

Obviously, this morning's post will not be published on Seeking Alpha or many other sites that syndicate my content because it's "political" but, in my defense, to look at the Futures, which are rocketing up 1.5% at 8am, and not think it has something to do with politics is ASININE – it's a complete and utter disservice to your investing readers NOT to discuss politics and it's an even worse disservice to do so while pretending to be objective – which is the editorial policy of most sites.

Image result for trump disaster president cartoonI'm not objective – I think a Trump Presidency would be a disaster as did – obviously – the stock market.  I think the Democratic takeover of this country after the Great Depression not only saved the United States at the time but led to an unprecedented are of relative peace and expansion that was later squandered by more Republicans.  You are free to disagree with me – I'm just letting you know where I stand so you can better understand my point of view on things.  

In that spirit, I shared my take on Hillary's Emails with our Members:

Submitted on 2016/07/07 at 1:30 pm

Email/Rexx – I took it that they were only first initiating those policies and Clinton, of course, has a lot going on with the Foundation and all so it makes sense she wanted to have something other than just her state Department Emails.  I don't think there's anything she did that a reasonable person wouldn't have done – she took plenty of precautions and, as

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