Monday Market Movement – T(rump) Minus 8 Days?

Image result for trump lock her upWhat a difference a weekend makes.

We're back to talking about Hillary's Emails and there's now no chance of this election being decided on issues (what issues?) as we head into the home stretch.  The markets don't like uncertainty but it's the last day of the month so expect us to be propped up for at least a day but it would be crazy to call any direction into next week, with all 4 branches of Government (courts too) up for grabs in what is likely to be the most important election of the Centrury as far as setting direction for this country.

We're having a pool to see which American city will have the first riot.  We haven't had a good election riot since 1855 when the Democrats went at it with the Know-Nothing Party and no, I'm not insulting Republicans – that's actually what they used to be called (at least they never broke with the spirit!).  And what was the core principle of the Know-Nothings?  Well they were anti-immigration, of course and they attacked Germans and Irish Catholic neighborhoods, leaving 22 dead and hundreds injured.  

Here's the speech given by our potentially future President regarding his rival:

So what do you think is going to happen if he doesn't win?  According to Trumps rhetoric