Non-Farm Friday – Is America Working?

It's Non-Farm Payroll Day!  

Much more exciting than Cinco de Mayo, which we properly celebrated with quesadillas and sangria last night.  We celebrate Non-Farm Payroll Day by checking our Futures levels (we're short per our morning Alert to Members) and having some coffee – not as much fun but it can be more profitable.  This is one of those days when it's great to have a Futures account as the markets don't open for a whole hour after this major market-moving report is released.  

As you can see from the chart above, after fixing the disaster of the Bush collapse, Obama's job-creation record has been amazing – the best since Clinton (still the champ with 20M jobs created) and the monthly gyrations up and down are really not a big deal in the grand scheme of having now 6 years where we're averaging 200,000 jobs added per month (14.4M jobs).  

UNFORTUNATELY, we still haven't done enough to reverse the downtrend in total compensation – a number which takes into account hours worked, salaries paid, etc.  Total Annual Compensation has dropped by 15% of our GDP ($3Tn) since 1970 and workers of the World have failed to unite to reverse this trend in any meaningful way (raising minimum wages to $15 over 5 years is a small start).  

As members of the investing class, we can take comfort in knowing that screwing over the workers is VERY profitable for the Corporate Masters who pushed this disparity into overdrive since 9/11, increasing Corporate Profits by 120% in the past 15 years.  So hurray for us, I guess – unless of course you have someone you care about who has to work for a living – then it really sucks for them…

Of course, it's not all good news when you don't pay your workers enough to live on.  For one thing, they can't afford to buy homes and home sales are a very important driver of our economy.  Of course, as investors, we simply shift our money away from home builders and into REITs who own a lot of apartments and out of
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