Non Farm Friday – Is America Working? Not for the Middle Class!

The middle class is losing groundJobs, jobs, jobs. 

Mostly they are crappy jobs and last month (38,000), we didn't even create enough jobs for the kids who graduated high school in my county and I hear there are other counties in America who also graduated kids who need jobs.  So, when you hear about 150,000 jobs a month being created – you'd better hope a lot of people died because we're creating new workers a LOT faster than that!  

As you can see from this Pew Research Chart, you do NOT want your kids to grow up Middle Class, where their share of US Income has dropped 30% (62 to 43) over the past 44 years and even the Lower Class (ouch on that term!) had to give up 10% of their income share (10 to 9) in order to allow the Upper Class to grow their share of the pie from 29 to 49 (up 69%).

Fortunately, we have the DUMBEST middle and low class citizens on the planet Earth and, even though there are 90 of them for each 10 of their upper classmates – they don't just bend over and take it but they go to rallies to put a stop to the people who feel that the vast wealth of this country should be distributed more evenly.

Even the slaves allowed the masters to house, feed and clothe them and provide basic medical care but NO – keep your dirty Government handouts to yourself and don't let the Government get between the patient and the doctor, who won't treat the patient because they don't have health care.  Perhaps that's why we also rank 11th out of 11 nations in overall quality of health care

Not for the rich, of course.  Our healthcare system is the finest in the World, for those who can afford it.  Our Top 10% citizens live to be 89.9 on average while our poorest 10% average 79.2 and it's a pretty direct relationship up the ladder so, as it turns out, getting richer is better for you than jogging!  

Meanwhile, you can't argue with these numbers (you can ignore them, but they are facts) – the Top 10% of this country are now taking…
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