Non-Farm Friday – Is America Working? The Liar-In-Chief Says Yes!

Image result for trump china tariffsAmerica is barely working. 

Our Government is barely functioning and the President spent yesterday afternoon lying to the "failing" NYTimes – in an interview with a paper that employs fact-checkers.  Trump talked about repealing Obamacare, Building a Wall to stop the flow of drugs, funding the military, appointing Secretaries, China's Trade Deficit and his poll numbers and NOT ONE thing the President said was actually true – NOT ONE THING!!!  Not only that but the Trump Administration has backed themselves into a corner with China and, with one month to go – Trump will have to accept an even weaker deal than new Nafta simply in order to avoid looking like he was completely defeated in "The Art of the Deal."  

As noted by the "failing" NY Times, Trump's whole take on the Trade War is complete and utter BS as the tarriffs he is "imposing on China" are nothing more than a tax on the American people and, if Trump expands the tarrifs, as he is threatening to do – it will be nothing more than a $125Bn tax increase on US Consumers in order to pay for the Billionaire Tax Breaks he has given out to his friends and family.  One has to wonder wheter Trump WANTS a deal with China – I think he wants the tax money more:


“We have 25 percent now on $50 billion. And by the way, Peter, that’s a lot of money

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