Philstockworld June Portfolio Review – Members Only

Image result for one million dollars animated gifYes, I am being lazy (some would say efficient), this is Friday morning's Report because not much is going on and these Reviews take forever to write so I'm getting a jump by doing them as we go along today.


That is up $271,547 (24%) for our paired portfolios since our last review and we've made very few changes to the LTP in the past month – the market's move higher just worked well for our leveraged positions, which are still pretty bullish from that bottom action in March.  The S&P 500 was at 2,863 back on May 15th and now it's 3,135 – up 272 points is right about 10%.  That's why we keep spending money on those hedges in our Short-Term Portfolio – we want to lock in those ridiculous gains.

We didn't do a lot of buying this month, we added FL, HMY, IMAX, KO and TIF, who were all still bargains from our Watch List but, for the most part, things have gotten too expensive to be of much interest so we are wating PATIENTLY (right guys?) for earnings – when it's certain to be bargin-hunting time again.  

Meanwhile, as our Members are certainly aware, I think being up $800,000 from our $600,000 start to the year is a bit too much money to be making so I am VERY inclined to take it all off the table and start from scratch (keeping the $800,000 in our pockets so we can't possibly have a losing year).  We could be super-aggressive in the new portfolios and it would be fun but people hate it when I do that (even though it's sensible) so I'm simply going to say that if the combined Long and Short-Term Portfolio values drop below $1.2M (up 100%), we will be shutting them down (along with the rest as their health is a good indicator for all of us).

It's boring when our portfolios are too well-balance, there's not much to do during the day…

Short-Term Portfolio (STP) Review:  The last time we checked in on the STP was way back on June 4th, when the S&P was at 3,122 in the morning, as I wrote our report.  At the time it was…
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