PhilStockWorld September Portfolio Review


That is a LOVELY $133,849 gain on paried LTP/STP Portfolios since our Aug 20th review.  I said at the time that it is ridiculous to make this kind of money in a month (6.8%) but I also said we'd be fools not to take advantage of the gift the market is handing to us.  The STP, where we keep our hedges, lost $6,813 as of our review date (these reviews are from last week) but that was lucky and now we're down to $460,302 but, on the other hand, the LTP is clocking in at $1,654,569 so $2,114,871 is up another $20,961 since last week – that's crazy!  

As I have been emphasizing all week, we are putting 25-33% of our long profits into our short hedges – in order to lock in those long gains.  When you are netting 6.8% even after the hedging that insures you will keep that 6.8% (or most of it) when the market turns sour, then you can certainly afford to be cautious.  At the end of the year, we'll be up 60-70% whether the market is up or down while, if you let it all hang out and went for 85% – maybe you'll have it at the end of the year and maybe you won't – I'd much rather be sure. 

Anyway, read my notes from the last report – no changes – we're cautious for the same reason but pay particular attention to the kinds of adjustments we made and how they worked out.  That's another HUGE benefit of keeping our portfolio well-balanced – the stability gives us lots of time to tinker with and perfect our positions as it's very easy to make a few minor adjustments, when you don't have to worry about having to make a major one…

Short-Term Portfolio Review (STP):  $487,027 is down $6,813 from our 8/15 review but no apologies there as it's fantastic that that's all we lost while the LTP made 6 figures.  That's because we made sensible adjustments back on the 15th but, otherwise, we didn't touch our STP, which has $481,657 in CASH!!! – just in case we ever need some money if things do go on sale.  

Despite the mountain of CASH!!! (we started with just $100,000 on 11/26/13), we are…
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