Record High Wednesday – Does the Fed Even Matter?

Image result for throw in the towelieThat's it, the bears are dead.  

We'll still keep our hedges, just in case, but we're certainly not going to be looking for new shorts in this 1999-style market that goes up and up and up some more.  Every dip is a buying opportunity and you could already see this week how every dime that flowed out of the Nasdaq went right into other stocks, boosting the other indexes to all-time highs.  

That's OK though because, as noted yesterday, we have PLENTY of ways to profit from a continuing bull market and we do have lots of hedges so we will SLOWLY deploy some more cash and just see if we can ride this wave until it finally breaks.  

Meanwhile, the Futures trades continue to be very good to us with yesterday's morning report idea for the long on /NQ has also hit our $375 per contract at 5,775, just shy of our 5,780 goal – as predicted by our fabulous 5% Rule™.  

Rejection at 5,780 is technically bearish for the Nasdaq but the other indexes are off like rockets so it's not really a great morning to short though I do like playing the S&P (/ES) Futures short below the 2,440 line and Russell (/TF) below 1,430 as long as /NQ stays below 5,780 and the Nikkei (/NKD) stays below 20,000.  And no, it's not a contradiction to short the Futures after saying we can't short the market – this is just playing for intra-day fluctuations – fluctuations that netted over $20,000 worth of gains from last week's morning reports alone!  

We are fairly certain the Fed will be raising rates at 2pm and that should lead to Dollar strength, which will put pressure on the indexes so, although we went long on Oil (/CL) at $46 and Gasoline (/RB) at $1.48 in our Live Member Chat Room earlier this morning, we'll certainly be out by the afternoon.  Oil is down on strong builds indicated in last night's API Report but we think the 10:30 EIA report won't have a 5Mb product build
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