Schadenfreude Friday – Trump Catches Corona

Talk about an October surprise!

It seems the President has contracted the coronavirus as the Global hoax spreads to the White House.  Of course, it's very possible that Trump, who is constantly tested and is surrounded by people who are constantly tested is FAKING the virus to elicit sympathy, give himself an excuse to not be humilated by Biden again in another debate and to make an "amazing" recovery, proving to his gullible followers how strong he his, probably claiming that he can be their salvation too.   

Would that really shock you if it happend?  Trump passed 20,000 false statements to the American people way back in July, should we believe this one?  After the debate, Trump's numbers have been plunging and the GOP has resorted to using Russian "Deep Fake" videos and images to make Joe Biden look bad – and that's not working either.  

If cheating doesn't work ahead of a test, why not fake sickness?  It's what a gaint child would do…

So, if the President is really sick, I wish him well – no human should ever have to suffer what 7.3M of our fellow countrymen are suffering under the Trump Administration – not even Donald Trump.  But, if he's faking it, then he is the biggest peice of s**t on the planet which is suffering 34.3M infections with over 1M people now dead from the disease the President actively DENIED – not ignored.