Shutdown Friday – Government Closes for Christmas

Image result for trump grinchMerry F'ing Christmas!  

Not only is Donald Trump stealing the paychecks up to 800,000 Federal Workers just in time for Christmas (which saves him budget money so he can give his oligarch buddies even bigger tax breaks) but one of his despicable todies, GOP Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina, says "It is just part of the risk of working in public service."

I ask you America, is this really you?  Do these people represent your ideals and your values?  Do you approve of their actions?  If not, it is your DUTY to remember this and VOTE them out of office whenever you can.  These are TERRIBLE people, they are making America TERRIBLE, not "great."  Even Mad Dog Mattis, our Secretary of Defense, decided Trump is too crazy to work for and has handed in his resignation.  This leaves our President surrounded by nothing but yes-men, who tell him things like this are OK.  It's up to YOU to tell him it's not OK.

Meadows still gets paid, 6,200 Federal Employees who work in his district will not.  Even his fellow Republican Rep, Ryan Costello blasted Meadows for being a total ass.  Unfortunately, Costello is a good man and has chosen not to seek re-election as he's an actual person trying to do what's best for the country and not some partisan hack who sucks up to the richest monster he can latch onto.