Take Off Tuesday – Crisis, What Crisis?

43,138 infected and the Nasdaq don't care.  

It's more like the Nasdaq is excited about the Coronavirus.  It did care for a minute, back in January but, after two whole days of going down, right back up and then one more down day to end the month but everything has been coming up roses in February, so far.  

It's kind of strange as Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) is on CNBC right now telling viewers that this virus is a threat to our American way of life and was, in fact a Chinese Bio-Weapon that was being developed in a lab in Wuhan and he should know – because he's on the Senate Intelligence Committee (you can find that under the term "oxymoron").  

You know it's true because Tom Cotton has now CHALLENGED "The Chinese" to prove him wrong and, guess what?  They haven't!  That's certainly guilty enough for me and you, right?  

And why are we rusing to villify China for having a bug when the Swine Flu started in the US and no one accused us of doing anything other than catching a cold?  Well, China is a fantastic scapegoat that plays well with the Republican base and they need a villain to rile up support in an election year and Joe Biden's son didn't work out so well, so on to China! 

Blaming China gives Trump another reason to keep his Slush Fund (tariffs) going during the election year so he can hand out goodies to his pals – like Tom Cotton of Arkansas!  Trump already picked Tom Cotton to head the CIA and his own party rejected the idea as too crazy – even for Trump.  But that was back in 2017 – I wonder what would happen if Trump nominated him today?

Image result for tom cotton cartoonTom Cotton says we could win a war with Iran with just "two strikes, the first and the last" – like he seems to think we did in Iraq (where we still are, 17 years later).  Cotton has called his potentially fellow CIA department heads "insolent and obstructive" and he KNOWS the Ukraine interfered with the 2016 election, not
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