TGIF – Best Q1 in 10 Years – Is This as Good as it Gets?

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, child and outdoorI am 56 today.

Hard to get that off my mind as 56 seems like a lot and, of course, Birthday's mark the end of a year, not the beginning, so this is year 57 on the planet for me and thinking about how different it is now from when I was born makes me wonder what kind of World, if any, we are building for our chilren – mine are 17 and 19.  

March 29th, 1963 was a Friday as well and a Boeing 707 with Warren Beatty on it was struck by lightning over London and had to dump it's fuel before landing and the Castro Regime apologized that day for firiing on one of our jets with their Russian MIGs.  The first trans-Atlantic phone call was made the next day between NY and London (probably Beatty) and the New York City newspaper strike ended after 114 days on Sunday, with the price of papers doubling to 10 cents to meet union demands for raises.  Guatemala had a military coup that day with the US-backed army taking over the Government, which was close to electing Communist leaders (we couldn't have that!).