TGIF – Market Rally Will Finally Rest Over the Weekend

Wow, what a week!

With these wild swings, there's money to be made on the long and the short side of the market.  This morning, I called for shorting Nasdaq Futures (/NQ) at 6,850 and we just cashed out our Gasoline (/RB) shorts with a nice profit and now we're shorting Oil (/CL) from $63.60, for reasons I will get to shortly (get it? "shortly"!).  Hey, it's Friday, cut me some slack…

We caught nice dips yesterday with our Morning Report's call to short the indexes saying: 

Up and up the markets go but we see shorting opportunities this morning IF we cross back below Dow (/YM26,100, S&P (/ES2,800, Nasdaq (/NQ6,810 and Russell (/TF1,585.  The rule of thumb for shorting the futures is wait for 2 to cross below and then pick the next one that crosses and keep very tight stops back above the line and if ANY of the indexes go back above their line – kill the trade and wait for the next set-up.

As you can see, any of the indexes made nice gains – and that's PER CONTRACT on the Futures.  It's not as easy to make the call on a Friday morning but, as I noted, we did short the Nasdaq and we'll be adding a Nasdaq hedge to our Short-Term Portfolio to help lock in some of the gains we've made in the Long-Term Portfolio.  Our primary hedge in the Options Opportunity Portfolio is the Russell, using an Ultra-Short (TZA) spread to lock in those gains. 

Getting back to Gasoline (/RB), hopefully we won't regret taking a quick $5,000 gain off the table this morning at $1.865 (we still have 2 short at $1.87) but, as I often say to our Members, if you can't be satisfied making $5,000 daily gains ($1M/yr pace) – then maybe you need to play roulette instead of trading stocks.  

These are not, by the way, portfolio trades.  Our portfolios are managed to generate steady, sensible, reliable, long-term returns.  Futures trading is what we do for fun with a very tiny portion of our CASH!!! while we wait for our long-term positions to mature.  Unfortunately, since they move all the time and are short-term trades – we tend to talk about…
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