TGIF – Stop the Rally, We Want to Get Off!

Holy cow, what a week!

Though the Futures are down a bit this morning, we're back to our late January highs, before the Coronavirus was a known threat and before Donald Trump began to publically compile an enemies list and promise retribution in 2020.  None of that seems to matter as Central Banksters around the World promise financial retribution in the form of MORE FREE MONEY – because money fixes everything, doesn't it?

The virus is proving hard to "fix" as a cruise ship in Japan now has 61 cases of the virus, more than any other country outside of China and there are 3,700 very scared people on that ship with 41 new cases since yesterday and they caught it from a man who got off the ship on Jan 25th, causing the ship to be quarantined on Feb 3rd (Monday), when one case was known to be on the ship.  8 people on another ship are now infected in Hong Kong, that ship has been quarantined since Wednesday with 3,600 people on board.  5,000 additional passengers on 3 cruises may have crossed with the other infected passengers – not to mention all the ports they docked at.  

So this virus definitely is not over until it's over