The Week Ahead – S&P 3,500 and Nasdaq 12,000 in Play

Baby Trump' Balloon Grounded for July 4 Protest in DC | Military.comUp and up we go.

3 weeks and one day from now we will have an election and the markets could not be happier.  That's not good news for the soon to be ex-President as Joe Biden has the biggest lead three weeks before an election than any candidate since 1936, with a 55% to 43% margin among likely voters – even the Fox News poll has Biden leading by more than 10 points.  

Even if every undecided or current third party voter went to Trump now, he'd still be down about 5 to 6 points nationally. That's never been the case since 1936 at this point, when Franklin Roosevelt took 60% of the popular vote from Republican Alf Landon with Roosevelt winning the electoral college 523 to 8 (Maine and Vermont).  

A look under the hood reveals why Biden is in such a strong position. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Covid-19 has either been, or been within the margin of error of being the nation's most important problem in Gallup polling.   Biden has a huge advantage over Trump when it comes to the pandemic. The clear majority (59%) of likely voters in the last CNN poll said Biden would better be able to handle the outbreak. Just 38% said Trump would do a better job than Biden.

I know, it's a tough choice isn't it?  Who do we want leading our country?  What kind of World do we want our children to grow up in?  I was reminded of what kind of President I'd like to have watching this video this weekend:

That guy!  Get that guy back!!!

Regardless, Biden is better than Trump – according to the polls, according to the markets, according to rational-thinking people around what's left of the planet that isn't on fire.  But that brings us back to the markets.  Will Biden actually be good for the market?  Probably not.  Trump has put the
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