Thrilling Thursday – Dow 25,000, Russell 1,500 – What Could Go Wrong?

Wheee, what a ride!  

We came all the way back to Dow 25,000 yesterday as Apple and Boeing (BA) accounted for 2/3 of the gains on the day, both with strong earnings reports that beat expectations.  Both are also major S&P components and Apple (AAPL) is over 15% of the Nasdaq's weighting as well so all the indexes flew higher but we shorted the Dow (/YM) Futures at the 25,000 line, expecting at least some pullback off the run from 24,300 on Monday.

25,000 is up 2.88% from 24,300 and the 2.5% line is 24,907.50 though really the main support line for the Dow is 24,000 (8,000, 16,000, 24,000…) so it's more like a 1,000-point rally since mid-Jan and that means we can expect to see a 200-point pullback (weak) to 23,800 and, at $5 per point per contract – that's a $1,000 per contract upside potential vs losing maybe $50 if /YM pops over 25,010 and stops you out so I certainly like the risk/reward on the play – which is how we like to play the Futures.  

We are, of course, very pleased with AAPL, which I STRONGLY recommended buying back on Dec 20th in "Market Panic Gives Us An Opportunity To Load Up On Apple (AAPL)" – nothing ambiguous about that one!  My trade idea at the time was:

While other retailers are struggling, Apple has been setting new records year after year for retail sales with the average Apple Store generating $5,546 per square foot in revenues. Tiffany is #2 at $2,951 and they sell diamonds! Unlike diamonds, no one has been successful so far in making artificial iPhones that pass for the real thing so it's amazing to me that AAPL's stock is back at $160, $70 (30%) off it's peak.

We are long APPL in our portfolios and we just made an even more bullish call to buy back all our short calls and wait for the bounce. However, as a new play on AAPL, I like the following and we're going

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