Thrilling Thursday – GameStop $500 is no more Ridiculous than Tesla $900

WTF people?

GameStop (GME) is "only" up 830% in the past 12 months while Tesla (TSLA) is p 1,386%.  The market cap of GameStop is $24Bn and that's completely ridiculous as Best Buy (BBY), who sells $43Bn worth of merchandise and MAKES $1.5Bn/yr has a market cap of $29Bn at $113.  GME, by comparison, has $6.5Bn in revenue and LOST $673M in 2019 and $471M in 2020 and they PLAN on losing $141M in 2021.  

Tesla, on the other hand, isn't just being valued as highly as ONE of their competitors – they are being valued higher than ALL OF THEIR COMPETITORS COMBINED.  McDonald's is worth more than all fast food, Wal-Mart isn't worth more than all of retail, not even Amazon is worth more than the rest of the on-line competition but TSL50A has idiots paying $850Bn at $864 compared to $200Bn for Toyota (TM) at $145.   Toyota has $275Bn in sales and MAKES $17Bn for a p/e of 12 while TSLA has $30Bn in sales (1/10th) and $2.5Bn in profit (1/7) yet TSLA is valued at 340x earnings, 28 TIMES the value Toyota commands.

When a game is ridiculous, irrational and the rules keep changing – it is best not to play.