Thursday Failure – MMM Drops The Dow

Well our site was down this morning.

It seemed to have gone down last night, perhaps on all that Canadian traffic as I appeared on BNN (Canadian Bloomberg)'s Money Talk with Kim Parlee and we went over our Money Talk Portfolio (see yesterday's Report for details), which is now up 155% since it's inception in Sept of 2017 – so it's not surprising that a lot of people want to check it out…

As I noted on the show, we can justify the current market levels given the strong earnings we're seeing (not you MMM!) while taking into account what I'm calling an Automation Super-Cycle that, while being disruptive and destructive at times, is going to be an overall long-term positive for corporate profits as we lurch ever-forward into the 21st Century.

We added trade ideas for Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) as well as the Natural Gas ETF (UNG) on yesterday's show but it was L Brands (LB), which we noted was a laggard yesterday morning, that popped over 3% on the day but is still very, very playable for very nice profits ahead.

This morning, 3M (MMM) is dinging the Dow but, on the whole, the Futures are holding up well and the Dow Futures (/YM) are bouncing off the 26,400 line as we wait for the Durable Good Report at 8:30 and the Kansas City Fed Report at 11 along with a $32Bn, 7-year note auction at 1pm – so it's a good day for the Dow to turn down to chase some money into bonds anyway.

8:30 Update:  Durable Goods came in at a very nice 2.7% headline,  up from -1.6% last month and ex-transports it was in-line at 0.4% so the economy is still chugging along and tomorrow GDP should beat 2.1% expected and then we'll see how Michigan Sentiment looks (97.1 expected) and then it's time for the weekend again.

Once again, sorry the site was down this morning – some issue with Amazon Web Services that I do not understand at all!  

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