Trumpy Tuesday – The Turmoil Continues

Image result for trump hillary cartoonBall of confusion.  

That's what we have going on this week and let's not forget the Fed does have a rate decision tomorrow at 2pm but, of course, NO ONE thinks they'll raise rates 6 days before the election but Hell, no one thought the FBI would send out a letter about POSSIBLY more Clinton Emails 11 days before the election and THAT happened – so here we are, with just 6 days to go – actually facing the POSSIBILITY (not probablility) that Donald Trump may be the next President of the United States.  

I'm going to pretend I have no opinion as to whether that's a good or bad thing because, clearly, almost half of you actually think that's a good thing – so who am I to stand in the way of putting the 156th richest person in the country in charge of your life, with the mandate to shape the Future of your children with probably 4 Supreme Court picks ahead of him?  Of course he's got your best interests in mind!  After all, when has he ever failed to do what's best for the little guy?  Forbes says he's worth $3.5Bn and Trump said $10Bn as LITERALLY the first thing he told you in the campaign was a lie.  Clearly he's not a guy that would ever lie or exaggerate.  

Even if you have $10M, Trump is 350x richer than you are.  That's how much richer the average CEO is than the average employee so don't think you are in his "club" – you're not even likely to be the waiter at his club.  Like George Carlin says, it's a big club – and you ain't in it – it's also the club they like to beat you over the head with!  

Trump is simply doing in politics what he has always done in business – he's cutting out the middle man!  Why buy politicians (something Trump claims to be good at) when you can get other people to give you money so you can buy the whole election and then you are the politician who gets to be bought.  Look how rich the Clintons got, right?  Being President is a good gig – it's great for your brand.