Tuesday – The TrumpDon’tCare Health Plan Fails America

Image result for trump health care cartoonThe good news is we'll save $33.7Bn a year. 

The bad news is that 24M people will lose health insurance for the lack of spending that extra $1,404.16 per person to give them healthier, happier, longer lives (4,000 people PER MONTH will simply die from this plan).  That's right, if someone asks you what a human life is worth to you, what it's worth to give some poor man dialysis so he can keep on living or giving a child with cancer a fighting chance and you voted for Donald Trump – make sure you tell them that $1,404.16 is where you draw the line.  

Of course the joke is that your own health care coverage will increase far more than $1,404.16 as we go back to the cost spirals we had under Bush II and that's for the 270M Americans who do have coverage so individuals will pay $380Bn MORE so Trump can say he saved $33.7Bn and, of course, he's already spent your $380Bn on a massive (and unnecessary) military build-up ($57Bn) and more tax breaks for people who are as rich as he is ($600Bn) and yes, that's a lot more than $380Bn so the rest is more deficit spending to give tax cuts to Billionaires.  

Image result for health care costs by year chartHow do people fall for this BS?  

The chart on the left illustrates everything that is wrong with US health care – the costs are out of control and not by a little – by a factor of 4 for people over 70+ and that's coming at a time when our aging baby boomers are entering that economically fatal bracket and will need their health care the most.  What a great time to pull the rug out from under them.  Hopefully your parents will die young because, if they don't, their lack of adequate, affordable health care will directly be your problem and it will no longer be some anonymous child you are pulling the plug on with your vote but your own Mom and Dad, as those $1,000/month pills they need to live busts your family budget.  

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