Tuesday Troubles – The State of the Union is???


That is what every single President since Andrew Johnson has said in their State of the Union message and, tonight, it's very likely that President Trump will break with that tradidion because, for the past year, he has talked about nothing but America being in crisis (despite ovewhelming evidence to the contrary), so it would be diffucult for him to now turn around and tell Congress how great things are.  

That will make this an interesting experiment as we will see how the markets react to what may be a doom and gloom speech while stocks are testing their all-time highs.  We will be pressing our hedges – just in case!  

One hedge that's working well are the Oil (/CL) Futures Shorts from last week's Live Trading Webinar and you are very welcome, non-Members as we even published that one for you on Thursday Morning and now we're up $1,950 – a nice way to finish the month.  Don't forget not to subscribe or you won't miss any more opportunities, thanks!