Tuesday Turmoil – Trump Threatens More Violence

This is how we now treat Freedom of Speech and Assembly in America.

Day 7 of the protests and the President is ratcheting up the rhetoric, telling the Governors they have to "DOMINATE" the streets and, yesterday afternoon, in a scene you would think was from a movie where they want to establish that the Leader is an evil man who could not care less about his people, a PEACEFUL crowd was violently cleared from the Presidents path so he could walk to a church, hold a prop bible and make a speech threating to us the US military to put an end to the protests.  

This is the point in the movie where you cut away to the heroes working from their basements with a plot to overthrow the monstrous tyrant, right?  Well, here's two such heroes who are willing to speak up – one from an attic and one from a garage:

And how are the markets reacting to the violence and the chaos all across America?  Well the Dow Futures are up 170 points (0.666%) this morning at 25,630 and if that's not a sign to short /YM, I don't know what is!  There is now a total disconnect bet