Turnaround Tuesday – More Stimulus Rumors as Powell Speaks

National debt would explode if Trump or Biden wins, but who cares?MORE FREE MONEY!

That's what this economy is based on and that's what the people expect.  The way we make money in America is by MAKING MONEY – literally printing it and giving it away like… money.  I was going to say like candy but you can't create candy out of thin air so, if you tried to give away $6Tn in a year, you would go bankrupt and create sugar and labor shortages and even Bazooka Joe would run out of ideas for clever cartoons on the wrapper.  But MONEY – that is created by simply flipping a switch at the Fed that adds another zero to the balance sheet.  

Since 2008, our National Debt has climbed from a shocking $8Tn to what is a now a "Who gives a f*ck anymore?" $27Tn and, whether now or next quarter, the market is execting AT LEAST $2Tn of additional stimulus and at least $2Tn of additional debt in 2021 (there's no way to stop Trump's fiscal-year budget now) so we'll be over $30Tn in debt by the end of Q1 – more than 150% of our GDP.  How long do you think this can go on?  

Don't Blame The Pandemic For The $277 Trillion Debt Pile | Seeking Alpha