Two Million Infections Tuesday – US Has Over 25% of the World’s Cases

Isn't Trump doing a great job?

As the President says, he has ABSOLUTE POWER (much like Palpatine) to do whatever he wants and that includes ordering the Governors to lift quarantine restrictions so we'll all be going back to work "soon" – despite what those "scientists", "other World Leaders" and "Governors" have to say about it.  Only Trump's decision matters and that was made very clear by Dr. Fauci's opening ass-kissing of the President at yesterday's briefing.  

Don't blame Dr. Fauci, Trump threated his job over the weekend and Fauci is swallowing his pride and kissing the President's ass to keep us alive because he is the only voice of sanity we have to cling to in this crisis and he has been some help in getting Trump to do some of the right things – which is far better than NONE of the right things.  That's why the US "only" has 1/4 of the World's virus cases and that's "only" 7 times the number of infections in China, which has 4 times our population.  

In case you weren't convinced by Fauci's gun-to-the-head performance yesterday, Trump had a propaganda video prepared (at the Taxpayers' expense) that re-spliced history to make it look like he was the ONLY person who saw this crisis coming early on and took the decicive action necessary to save us followed by more hostage videos from Governors who were told to say nice things about Trump if they wanted to get Federal Aid (remember that last week?):

See, Trump is doing a PERFECT job so let's stop saying otherwise and, if the virus continues to rage out of control or if quarantine is lifted too early and the virus comes back for a second round – that will certainly not be Trump's fault either because he has ABSOLUTE POWER – but no fault at all.  Clear?

Good, now we can get back to other idiocy, like Tesla (TSLA), which is back at $700 this mornng, up 20% in 2 days as the company announced that they delivered 88,400 vehicles in Q1 and produced about 103,000 vehicles
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