Waiting for the Fed Wednesday – AAPL Gives Us Huge Wins

I told you so!  

Aside from saying CASH!!! 9 times in the morning post (and 3 more in our Live Member Chat Room during the day), we laid out a perfect hedge on the Nasdaq using the Ultra-Short (SQQQ) that will now be over $8,000 in the money off our $1,100 outlay with another $8,000 to gain if the Nasdaq gets any worse – not bad for a day's work, right?  Actually, the real money was made in the evening, as my last trade idea for our Members in Live Chat (3:19 pm) was:

Into the close I kind of like shorting Nikkei Futures (/NKD) at 17,530 as long as it stays below 17,550.  If we go down – they'll go down but if we go up, they are already up and I doubt the pop so fast as you can't stop out.  Obviously, if AAPL earnings are good – get out.  

As you can see on the /NKD chart, we nailed the move and caught a 230-point drop to the 17,300 line for a $1,150 per contract gain.  We'll be doing one of our World famous Live Trading Webinars this afternoon (1pm, EST) where, among other things, we teach the fine points of Futures trading.  

In last week's Webinar (replay available here), we left off with 11 short oil contracts (/CL) at $43.54 and 3 short S&P (/ES) contracts at 2,101 and the S&P fell to 2,080 the next day (21st) for a $3,150 gain and oil hit our goal at $43 for a $5,940 gain.  This morning, we shorted oil again at the $45 line, but with tight stops above as we're wary of the inventory report at 10:30.

Futures trading is how we amuse ourselves at Philstockworld, as we're not day traders and long-term trades – if done properly – are BORING!  Our Long-Term Portfolio, however, is not boring at all – closing out yesterday up 94%, though we'll take a little hit on Apple (AAPL) this morning.  Speaking of AAPL, the details are on our main page but
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