Which Way Wednesday – Fed Minutes and Fed Speak to Hold Us Up

What are they so afraid of? 

Gravity, I guess, as the S&P 500 is at 4,063 and the Dow is at 33,333, Nasdaq 13,561 and Russell 2,256.  This isn't just high, this is insanely high.  14,000 on the Nasdaq is 6,000 points higher than 8,000, which wasn't even the March low but it is where Billions of Transactions valued the Nasdaq stocks between late 2018 and early 2020 – two years worth of traders didn't want to pay more than 8,000 for these Nasdaq stocks yet now, after a year of a Global Pandemic – they are racing to pay 75% more money?

Yesterday we talked about the Fed and how they are manipulating the bond market to make it seem like there is demand for bonds and a side-effect of that is they are flooding the system with money.  How?  Well, in the old days, people used to EARN money and they would sometimes use it to buy bonds and the money would go out of circulation and be tied up in a T-Bill for 10 years – lowering the free money supply.  The Government, of course, would spend the money but it's money they were going to spend anyway, whether you lent it to them or not – the money you put into the bond just helped to balance the budget.

Now that's out the window and the Government spends and you spend and Corporations spend and no one seems to worry about paying debt back and, since no one is really buying US bonds, the Fed simply prints money and uses that new money to buy bonds.   That lowers the amounts of bonds in circulation, keeping their "value" up – which translates into low yields.  Since the Fed buys bonds effectively from people who are rolling it over, the money goes into circulation, replacing the bonds and, since investors are not too keen on bonds – where does the money go?  Stocks!  See how easy economics is?  

Some goes to Housing, some goes to Commodities and some actually goes into the Economy but mostly money is looking for a return and we're sure not getting it in the banks or from bonds, so stocks win!  The money going into the economy also causes inflation, of…
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