Whipsaw Wednesday – Apple and Boeing Boost Us Ahead of the Fed

Image result for coronavirus infections"6,000 infections.  

It's still growing at 50% per day and 132 people are now dead, 30% more than yesterday yet the markets are up on good news from Apple (AAPL), who beat earnings by 10% and Boeing (BA), who "only" expect an $18Bn write-down on the 737 Max – so far.  Boeing only earns $10Bn a year so 2 years of earnings are shot to Hell and the plane still isn't certified to fly again yet BA stock is back to $325 pre-market – up over 2.5% on the news.  I'm starting to think all the lithium from those batteries we're using is leaching our brains and rendering traders incapable of worrying about anything…

No one seems to care so I'm not going to spend time discussing it this morning.  Just keep an eye on the rate if increase and, if it gets worse – then it is time to worry!  Not that 50% per day is better but steady is much better than worse.  We can deal with 9,000 (more than SARS), 13,500, 20,250, 30,000, 45,000, 67,500 – but next Wednesday, if we are at 100,000 cases or more – then we'll be on the edge of a Global Catastrophe.  Hopefully the spread will slow by then but don't be the last one to be worried if it doesn't.

Unfortunately, the only other big thing going on is Trump's Impeachment – and we're all sick of that too.  The GOP is so sick of it they are desperately trying to block John Bolton from testifying because he was right there and was an eye-witness to the whole thing and could settle the matter of what actually happened.  Where's the fun in that?

Trump and Netanyahu (who is also being indicted on corruption charges) have unveiled their "Deal of the Century" Peace Plan for the Middle East that has already been firmly rejected by the Palestinians – even though Trump offered to give them $50Bn (of your money) to accept it.  It's not surprising as no one bothered consulting the Palestinians during the drafting of the agreement – it was simply announced yesterday as Trump and Bibi unveiled their new map, which seems to have…
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