Whipsaw Wednesday – Trade Talks Back On!

Image result for trump china screwed cartoonOf course China wants to make a deal.

Trump is so weak right now they can shove almost any crap down his throat and he'll be happy to sign the papers just to get a "win".  As we all know, it doesn't matter how awful the trade deal is for the US, Trump will still say it's "the best deal ever" over and over again until you can't even remember why he's lying anymore and isn't that good enough for US these days?

While Team Trump is ducking subpeonas like the Road Runner ducks anything you throw at him, the Dems keep blowing themselves up like Wile E. Coyote – the plans always look so good on paper but they tend to fall apart in the actual execution.  Sure the impeachment inquiry is moving along but, as long as the GOP manages to delay things, Team Trump, Fox, et al manage to repeat their message another 1,000 times and, like a catchy commercial jingle – it doesn't matter whether or not the catch-phrase is true – you start to hum the tune and, eventually, you can't get it out of your head…

So it's "trade on" at the moment as China says they are still willing to make a trade deal though traders are ignoring the fact that China actually said they are prepared to accept a "PARTIAL" trade deal – as long as no more tariffs are imposed and they will only offer "non-core" concessions, like purchases of agricultural products – which they need to buy anyway.  China said they will not budge on the other sticking points which would be a total humilation for Trump but, well – Trump.

I guess it's cool to have a President who always wins – even though it's only because he doesn't admit it when he's lost and that allows the whole country to pretend we've won – even when we've clearly lost, but at least we all feel good, right?  The market is trading up on feelings as there's certainly no evidence that things are any better and the Dow may be up 200 points this morning but the
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