Window Dressing Wednesday – End of Month Market Prop Job

Flat enough for you? 

As you can see, yesterday's prediction to short the S&P at 2,180 is, so far, up $250 per contract, so you're welcome for that but it was up $500 per contract at 2,170 in the afternoon and shame on you if you didn't take that single-day money and run.  Remember, I can only tell you what the market is going to do and how to make money trading it – the rest is up to you!  

This morning, for example, we sent out an Alert to our Members at 6:50 (and a tweet to our followers) with short and long ideas to start the day off.  Our shorting lines on the indexes are the same as they were yesterday and we still have a chance to short my favorite index, so take a look if you're interested. 

It took 6 months but Shell (RDS.A) finally agrees with my Trade of the Year idea on Natural Gas (UNG) (/NG Futures), though a bit late as it's already up 40% since my call.  Shell expects LNG consumption to rise 5-7% per year and we should be right on track for our predictions through Jan, 2018.  

We announced our Trade of the Year idea on Feb 11th on Money Talk and, as above, I was subsequently interviewed about it in various places, including a Forbes interview, so it wasn't a secret and our trade was:

  • Sell 10 UNG 2018 $5 puts for $1 ($1,000) 
  • Buy 20 UNG 2018 $5 calls for $2.10 ($4,200) 
  • Sell 20 UNG 2018 $9 calls for $0.95 ($1,900)

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