Winning Wednesday – Our Seminar Trade Makes a Quick $5,000!

We're back from Las Vegas!  

As you can see, the trip was easily paid for with an instant $5,000 winner on our Natural Gas (/NG) Futures trade and you didn't even have to be in Vegas to play as I put a note out to all our Members in the live Member Chat Room saying:

/NG round tripped, chance to load up again at $2.90.

This morning we took the money and ran at $2.97 along with $500 per contract on oil at $52.80 but we're still long on coffee (/KCN7, now $147.50) and short on the Russell (/TF, now 1,395) – there's always something fun to play in the Futures!  In fact, there seems to be a lot of demand for an all-day Futures Trading Workshop so let us know if you are interested and we'll see if we can find a date to hold one of those and, of course, we often find good Futures to trade in our weekly Live Trading Webinars – and we have one today at 1pm, EST.  

As I noted in yesterday's post, we found some stocks to trade during our weekend seminar and so did Warren Buffett, who followed us into Monsanto (MON) as well as Apple (AAPL), with Berkshire adding 42M shares at about $5Bn – a LOT more than we paid but still a lot less than it is now.

Of course, if you still want to buy AAPL for $120 or less, you can – just use our very simple system for buying stocks at a discount, which will be featured at the NY Money Show on Feb 27th, when I teach a 1:30 class on the subject that will apparently be live-cast (so I guess I'd better work on some slides!).  

Anyway, without all that tedious acutally LEARNING how to give yourself a discount on almost any stock you want, the way I would trade AAPL at the moment is — WAITING FOR IT TO PULL BACK!!!  What, you think I'm some kind of TV huckster who tells…
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